National Traveller MABS works with other organisations that share similar values in relation to inclusion and equality for all. Our activities are documents widely within the social media and the national media. This keeps us closely connected with our stakeholders.

#   Media Date Description
1 Online Loan Scams Video 08-12-2021

Watch out for online loan scams. You can check if a lender is legit by checking the Central Bank of Ireland's register of lenders here - Central Bank

2 1916 Bursary Fund Video 08-12-2021

The 1916 Bursary can help students from under represented groups attend third level. This video gives you some information about the 1916 Bursary.

3 Free Fees Video 08-12-2021

Free Fees explained and how they can help you on your journey to third level.

4 Preparing For College 2021 Video 08-12-2021

It's never too early to start planning for college whether its setting up a savings account, getting your application for the CAO or SUSI in early.

5 Student Contribution Charges Video 08-12-2021

What is the student contribution charge ? Who has to pay it ? How do I afford to pay it ?

6 SUSI Grant Video 08-12-2021

Learn a bit more about the SUSI grant and how it can help you fund your educational journey.

7 Money Matters 6 - Borrowing Video 07-07-2021

In this episode we talk about borrowing.

8 Money Matters 5 - Banking and Saving Video 07-07-2021

The importance of banking and saving.

9 Money Matters 4 - Budgeting Video 07-07-2021

In this episode we talk about budgeting and money matters.

10 Money Matters 3 - Mental Health Video 07-07-2021

In this week's episode with National Traveller MABS we are joined by Denise Collins. Denise and Myra from West Limerick Primary Health Care Project for Travellers talk about Money and Mental Health.