Links - Policy

The links below are related to our work and our networks. We hope you find them useful.


Is a voluntary community development organization that is comprised of Travellers and members of the majority population. The group is committed to achieving human rights for Irish Travellers.

Central Statistics Office

Government body responsible for compiling Irish official statistics. Provides data and information on methodology.

Citizens Information

Provides Information on public services and entitlements.

Community Platform

Acts as a mechanism to facilitate solidarity amongst organisations in the community sector that work to address poverty, social exclusion and inequality.

Consumers Association of Ireland

The Consumers’ Association of Ireland is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation.

Department of Health

he Department of Health's statutory role is to support the Minister in the formulation and evaluation of policies for the health services.

Donegal Traveller Project

Established in 1996, Donegal Travellers Project is an independent, locally based community development organisation working for and with the Traveller Community in Donegal. .

Economic and Social Research Institute

The ESRI produces research that contributes to understanding economic and social change in the new international context and that informs public policymaking and civil society in Ireland.

European Anti Poverty Network

EAPN Ireland is a network of groups and individuals working against poverty and is the Irish national network of the European Anti Poverty Network.

European Commission's DG for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

EU employment and social policies bring practical benefits to citizens.