Travellers, like everyone, need to have access to affordable credit. Affordable loans are an important tool in ensuring that people do not end up in spiralling debt. We at National Traveller MABS are actively encouraging young Travellers to save in our Get Saving Campaign.

Having savings hugely reduces stress as young people prepare to move out of home and enter the next stage of their life. Saving in the credit union, for example, will provide young Travellers with not only money for the future, but also with the option for future borrowing.

As part of out Get Saving Campaign, we have produced a short film. The film features two young Travellers who detail how and why they began to save. They discuss the benefits of it and note three small changes that they would advise their peers to make if they too wish to save successfully.

Their advice on getting started is simple- find out what documents you need to open an account save a regular amount, and choose a savings goal so that you remain motivated.

In the Pavee Point report: Young Pavees: Their Mental Health Needs (2015), finances and the economy both feature as issues which worry young Travellers. Saving is one action that all young Travellers could do to help address this worry. Of course, it is not the only answer. As a nation we need to develop opportunities for Travellers to fully participate in Irish society- most especially in education and in the economy. However it's a step and National Traveller MABS hopes that such a step will encourage a conversation among Traveller youth about saving. We would love to hear from young Travellers who wish to save and may need some help in opening an account.mWe would also be delighted to hear from Young Travellers who have saved in the past or are saving now and wish to share their story with others. The Get Savings Campaign is about doing something for yourself. Having savings, if even a small amount, reduces stress and pressure as you have something for that ‘rainy day’.

If you are part of Traveller group and want to talk more about the Get Savings Campaign, please contact Dermot at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Published: 30 June 2016