National Traveller MABS (NT MABS) has undertaken a review of its current recruitment policy in relation to the vacant National Support and Development Worker (NSDW) post which has been unsuccessfully filled to date.

NT MABS is a national organisation that works in the area of combatting the financial exclusion experienced by Travellers and a report following the review highlighted the shortage of members of the Traveller community working within the organisation, especially in key positions that interact with members of the Traveller community on a regular basis such as the NSDW.

 This report highlighted the need for a change in our recruitment process for this role in order to encourage those within the Traveller community (and other minorities) to apply. Therefore for this position, we have removed the standard requirement for a completed application form and demonstration of key competencies. Candidates will instead be shortlisted based on relevant experience as outlined in a CV and cover letter.

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Published: 17 June 2020