Senator Eileen Flynn, today, 15th December 2020 launched our report, ‘Building the Box A review of policy, services, facilities and schemes with potential to improve financial inclusion from a Traveller perspective’. This report, authored by Dr Stuart Stamp, examines financial inclusion measures currently available in Ireland.

This is with a view to supporting National Traveller MABS to focus our education, policy and development work where it can be most impactful. It finds that while there are many schemes and facilities there is a need for the State to take a coordinated approach by reviving the National Financial Inclusion Strategy. At the launch Senator Eileen Flynn said ‘There is a need to take the MABS approach of working with people where they are at , she also said the report brought home to her how Travellers experience financial exclusion and how this report is ‘well overdue’. She talked about how National Traveller MABS offers ‘a pathway for the Traveller community’ towards financial inclusion. She re-iterated the need for a National Financial Inclusion Strategy to address financial exclusion. The report is available here

Published: 15 December 2020