National Traveller MABS, established in 2005, is a leading advocate for the financial inclusion of Travellers in Ireland.

National Traveller MABS works to reduce poverty, discrimination and the financial exclusion of Travellers in Ireland. We work with the Traveller community and organisations to change policy and practice which impacts Travellers financially.

Our work involves:

  • Promoting and developing culturally appropriate financial education programmes
  • Supporting the development of a collaborative working relationship between local MABS, local Travellers and other relevant organisations
  • Working with partner organisations to address exclusion by developing alternatives to mainstream saving and borrowing 
  • Highlighting issues of over-indebtedness and exclusion from financial institutions, making appropriate responses though our research and policy work

We aim to:

  • Make MABS and Citizens Information more accessible to Travellers
  • Work on the issues that cause Travellers to be financially excluded
  • Work with other groups to improve the financial situation of Travellers

National Traveller MABS work involves helping Travellers access MABS and Citizens Information services, community education, research, and policy development.


National Traveller MABS is funded by the Citizens Information Board. We are managed by a voluntary board of directors and are based in Finglas. We have 4 full time equivalent members of staff.

We are a registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority. Registered Charity No. 20058388/CHY No. 16291/Registered Company No. 395431