National Traveller MABS seeks to enhance society by bringing Travellers and the wider community together. Using the Community Development principles of inclusion equality, fairness and respect we seek to remove barriers that prevent Travellers from fully participating in society.

National Traveller MABS aims to ensure that local services, such as the Money Advice and Budgeting Services (MABS), actively engage with and are accessible to the local Traveller community.

We support the development of a collaborative working relationship between the local MABS, Travellers and other relevant local organisations such as the CIS.

Through various projects, National Traveller MABS promotes the development and implementation of appropriate alternative legal and affordable savings and credit options to suit the needs of the Traveller community.

We aim to produce high quality information on all aspects of our work through a range of communication channels, technologies and events.

To ensure that our work remains rooted in the needs of the community we meet regularly with our Consultative Forum to evaluate current projects and direct our work most appropriately for the future.