National Traveller MABS develops social policy recomendations and conducts the relevant research in order to do this. Please find below a list of publications and resources.

# Publication Description Published
1 COVID- 19 Information for Energy Customers

OperatorsDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CRU has already taken a number of measures to protect domestic customers. [PDF 110KB]

2 Do you Have Family Member in Prison

National Traveller MABS  have produced a guide for families whose relative is in prison and for support organisations.This leaflet tells you what you need to do when a loved one is in prison. [PDF 1316KB]

3 Financial Advice For Travellers With A Family Member in Prison

It is recognised that Travellers are significantly over-represented within the prison system.Although only accounting for 0.7% of population in the Republic of Ireland, Travellers account for an estimated 10% of the entire prison population and 15% of the female prison population.  [PDF 1962KB]

4 Factsheet - Energy Poverty

Key Facts on Energy Poverty Amongst Travellers Living in Mobile Homes/Trailers Findings and recommendations from our report ‘Accommodating Ethnicity, an Exploration of Energy Poverty Amongst Travellers Living in Mobile Homes and Trailers’ [PDF 3354KB]

5 Accommodating Ethnicity Addressing Energy Poverty Among Travellers Living in Mobile Homes and Trailers

This report was launched, on June 19th 2019 by Angela Black, Chief Executive, Citizens Information Board. The report, written by Stuart Stamp and supported by staff of National Traveller MABS and Traveller primary health care groups, highlights the high levels of energy poverty among Travellers living in mobile homes and trailers. [PDF 4292KB]

6 Culturally Appropriate Affordable Accommodation For Travellers 'Seminar Report'

This seminar was hosted on the 12th of June 2018 to develop and advance the recommendations arising from a study into the cost of mobile home and trailer accommodation for Travellers. [PDF 1802KB]

7 A Small Scale Study into the cost of Mobile Homes/Trailers for the Purpose of Social Housing for Travellers

National Traveller MABS undertook an introductory study into the cost of Mobile Homes/Trailers on sale in the Republic of Ireland during February 2018. This study was undertaken as part of our work in advocating for improvements in the area of caravan loans. [PDF 8328KB]

8 An overview of the implementation of the Caravan Loan Initiative by Local Authorities 2015

In 2015, National Traveller MABS carried our a mapping exercise of local authorities to identify where local authority caravan loans were available and where they were not. [PDF 356KB]

9 An Evaluation of the Traveller Key Worker Programme

The National Traveller MABS led Key Worker Programme operates in 6 locations in Ireland. It is comprised of a number of local Key Worker Projects. Each local Key Worker project is managed and run voluntarily by the local Primary Health Care for Traveller Project. [PDF 1361KB]

10 Issues Of Personal Finance Within the Traveller Community

Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton T.D., launched this report on July 4th 2012.  [PDF 745KB]