National Traveller MABS develops social policy recomendations and conducts the relevant research in order to do this. Please find below a list of publications and resources.

# Publication Description Published
1 National Traveller MABS Financial Guide to College

On Thursday 26th May 2022 Fiona Coyne, CEO of the Citizens Information Board launched National Traveller MABS’ Financial Guide to College, Information about the financial supports that are available if you are considering further education.The guide aims to help Travellers who are thinking about going to college or Travellers who are in college. [PDF 4545KB]



2 Bank Holidays

How does a bank holiday affect me at work?

3 Enhanced Illness Benefit Payment

COVID-19 Enhanced Illness Benefit Payment [PDF 145KB]

4 Credit Guarantee Scheme

Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme Update [PDF 73KB]

5 Drug Payment Scheme

Drug Payment Scheme Update [PDF 435KB]

6 MEABAS 2022

Music and Entertainment Business Assistance Scheme 2022 [PDF 519KB]

7 New Bank Holiday 2022

New Bank Holiday 2022 [PDF 194KB]

8 PUP Update January 2022

Pandemic Unemployment Payment Update January 2022 [PDF 155KB]

9 Evictions During Level 5

Ireland moved to Level 5 of the Plan for Living with COVID-19 for 6 weeks on midnight 21 October 2020. A ban on evictions is in place for this period. [PDF 32KB]


10 Carbon Tax Budget 2021

Carbon tax has been increased by €7.50 per tonne, from €26 per tonne to €33.50 per tonne. This applies to auto fuels from midnight on 13 October 2020. The carbon tax increase will apply to all other fuels (including household fuels) on 1 May 2021. [PDF 44KB]