National Traveller MABS develops social policy recomendations and conducts the relevant research in order to do this. Please find below a list of publications and resources.

# Publication Description Published
11 Comparative Study of how Utility Provision is Administered and Rents collected in Traveller Specific Accommodation in Fingal

This research investigated the system whereby rents and electricity were paid in Traveller specific accommodation in Fingal County Council, set in a national context. The research was carried out by Brian Harvey and Kathy Walsh. [PDF 346KB]

12 Culturally Appropriate Affordable Accommodation For Travellers 'Seminar Report'

This seminar was hosted on the 12th of June 2018 to develop and advance the recommendations arising from a study into the cost of mobile home and trailer accommodation for Travellers. [PDF 1802KB]

13 A Small Scale Study into the cost of Mobile Homes/Trailers for the Purpose of Social Housing for Travellers

National Traveller MABS undertook an introductory study into the cost of Mobile Homes/Trailers on sale in the Republic of Ireland during February 2018. This study was undertaken as part of our work in advocating for improvements in the area of caravan loans. [PDF 8328KB]

14 It’s all About Education-Making Education Work for Traveller Men

Adult education is deeply embedded within the Traveller community. Many Traveller women return to education after having a family. However, Traveller men are less likely to engage with education programmes whether community based, or based in more formal institutions. This report was written by National Education Worker, Dermot Sreenan. [PDF 355KB]

15 An overview of the implementation of the Caravan Loan Initiative by Local Authorities 2015

In 2015, National Traveller MABS carried our a mapping exercise of local authorities to identify where local authority caravan loans were available and where they were not. [PDF 356KB]

16 Annual Report 2015

National Traveller MABS Annual Report 2015 [PDF 565KB]

17 National Traveller MABS Pre-Budget Submission 2017

Prepared in June 2016 by National Traveller MABS. In this submission we call for the need for a new financial model of micro lending to be made available to people who are financially excluded. One of our recommendations is that The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government to insist on the provision of caravan loans for Travellers in all local authorities in the Republic of Ireland. [PDF 393KB]

18 An Evaluation of the Traveller Key Worker Programme

The National Traveller MABS led Key Worker Programme operates in 6 locations in Ireland. It is comprised of a number of local Key Worker Projects. Each local Key Worker project is managed and run voluntarily by the local Primary Health Care for Traveller Project. [PDF 1361KB]

19 Exchange House MABS & The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul Caravan Loan Scheme 2000-2009 Evaluation Report

The pilot Caravan Loan Scheme was established in 2000 and operated until 2009. This report charts the background to and the operation of this social finance initiative, funded by the Society of Vincent de Paul and operated with the assistance of Exchange House MABS (later National Traveller MABS). The report also highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the project and makes recommendations for future similar projects. [PDF 529KB]

20 Overcoming Illegal Debt

This module has been developed by National Traveller MABS in conjunction with Traveller organisations and MABS. The module aims to address issues of illegal moneylending by providing a tool to participants to avoid illegal debt, in addition to providing a pathway out, where such illegal debt exists. [PDF 538KB]