National Traveller MABS develops social policy recomendations and conducts the relevant research in order to do this. Please find below a list of publications and resources.

# Publication Description Published
21 Housing Budget 2021

A total of €3.3 billion is allocated to the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage for housing in 2021. [PDF 41KB]

22 Social Welfare Budget 2021

Budget 2021 was announced on Tuesday, 13 October 2020. Some of the changes announced in the Budget come into effect immediately. Others take effect from the beginning of January 2021 or later in 2021. Many others have to be finalised before coming into effect.  [PDF 872KB]

23 Annual Report 2018

National Traveller MABS Annual Report 2018 [PDF 2.36MB]. 

24 Annual Report 2017

National Traveller MABS Annual Report 2017 [PDF 1.28MB]

25 Managing Your Money During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), Social Welfare Payments have been changed to a single payment every two weeks. It can be diffi cult to manage the single payment. Making a spending plan can help you feel more in control. [PDF 878KB]


26 Coronavirus (Covid 19) notice about: Gambling

Are you worried about your gambling, or the gambling of a loved one? See below for some support services that are available. [PDF 242KB]

27 COVID- 19 Information for Energy Customers

OperatorsDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CRU has already taken a number of measures to protect domestic customers. [PDF 110KB]

28 Do you Have Family Member in Prison

National Traveller MABS  have produced a guide for families whose relative is in prison and for support organisations.This leaflet tells you what you need to do when a loved one is in prison. [PDF 1316KB]

29 Financial Advice For Travellers With A Family Member in Prison

It is recognised that Travellers are significantly over-represented within the prison system.Although only accounting for 0.7% of population in the Republic of Ireland, Travellers account for an estimated 10% of the entire prison population and 15% of the female prison population.  [PDF 1962KB]

30 Annual Report 2016

National Traveller MABS Annual Report 2016 [PDF 1970KB]