National Traveller MABS develops social policy recomendations and conducts the relevant research in order to do this. Please find below a list of publications and resources.

# Publication Description Published
41 National Traveller MABS Pre Budget Submission 2012

Prepared in October 2011 for budget 2012. National Traveller MABS acknowledges the impact of the current recession on state finances.  [PDF 577KB]

42 An Overview Of Housing Policy For Travellers In Ireland

Travellers in Ireland have had a long, and sometimes difficult, relationship with Irish society and government. Produced by Elizabeth Colhoun. [PDF 619KB]

43 Making Cents A Tutors Guide To Financial Literacy

The development of support for financial literacy has been long awaited and it is with thanks to the insightfulness of NALA that this pack has been produced. [PDF 3.25MB]

44 Annual Report 2011

National Traveller MABS Annual Report [PDF 1.76MB]

45 Submission To The Central Bank On The National Payments Plan January 2012

National Traveller MABS welcomes the opportunity to make a submission regarding the National Payments Plan and congratulates the work of all involved. [PDF 568KB]

46 Response By National Traveller MABS To The IBF Submission On BPA December 2011

National Traveller MABS broadly welcomes the IBF proposal on Basic Payment Accounts and is grateful for the opportunity to respond. [PDF 560KB]

47 The Effects of Discrimination and Poverty on Education and Accommodation

A literature review of existing resources investigating the topic of poverty and children. [PDF 570KB]

48 Response to the Strategy for Financial Inclusion Final Report July 2011

National Traveller MABS welcomes the publication of the Final Report on the Strategy for Financial Inclusion and congratulates those involved. [PDF 873KB]

49 Annual Report 2010

National Traveller MABS Annual Report [PDF 1.16MB]

50 National Traveller MABS Pre Budget Submission 2011

Prepared in 2010 for Budget 2011. As the only government funded, minority specific service in the state, NTMABS works towards empowering the Traveller community.  [PDF 568KB]