National Traveller MABS develops social policy recomendations and conducts the relevant research in order to do this. Please find below a list of publications and resources.

# Publication Description Published
51 An Exploration of Financial Exclusion and Access to Affordable Savings and Credit

A literature review of existing resources investigating the topic of Travellers and access to affordable savings and credit. [PDF 559KB]

52 Annual Report 2009

National Traveller MABS Annual Report [PDF 1.11MB]

53 Annual Report 2008

National Traveller MABS Annual Report [PDF 496KB]

54 Mapping Exercise 2008

Summary booklet Traveller population in Ireland and all Traveller specific accommodation. [PDF 119MB]

55 Evaluation Report October 2006-2007

This report is an evaluation of the ten local area meetings facilitated between October 2006 and November 2007.  [PDF 50KB]

56 Financial Exclusion June 2006

Financial Exclusion: Failure to Access Financial Services. [PDF 171KB]

57 Creditable Alternatives

An exploration of new models of affordable savings and credit options in use worldwide which may be adapted by the Traveller community in Ireland. [PDF 179KB]

58 Viability of Interest Free Credit Unions

The viability of community based interest free credit schemes. [PDF 417KB]