National Traveller MABS were delighted to host a Traveller Youth Forum in Croke Park on December 10th, 2014. The forum was attended by over 40 young Travellers from around Ireland. The young people  discussed their concerns regarding money matters and identified ways in which National Traveller MABS could support them in accessing financial services and improve their financial capability.

Nancy Power, Joint Coordinator of National Traveller MABS welcome participants and emphasised to the young people in attendance that

As the next generation of Travellers it is important that you (young Travellers) have your say on what will impact on your lives. We hope you will share us with the financial issues that affect you and discuss with us how National Traveller MABS can best address and meet your needs

The day was designed to stimulate discussion around   issues affecting   young members of  the  Traveller community. To stimulate conversation, the short film,’ A Deal’s a Deal’ was shown.  This film deals with the issue of illegal moneylending and is part of the education module entitled ‘Overcoming Illegal Debt’.

A series of questions were posed to participants. The questions helped draw out the main financial issues facing young Travellers. The discussions were illuminating in terms of the pressures and stresses that some young Travellers are coping with. These differ to the majority population as the focus for many was on saving for weddings   and attempting to raise money to create working opportunities.

The discussion took place on whether there was a need for a specifically tailored community education programme for Traveller youth.   Participants agreed that existing programmes on planning, budgeting and saving were important, but there was a desire to know more in relation to the tools to enable them best achieve this.

It was also noted that there is a lack of facilities and services where young Travellers can access career advice and identify training and job opportunities.

The day was a great success and National Traveller MABS will be building on the outcome of this Forum in 2015. If you work with young Travellers and wish to become involved in future events, please contact our Community Education Worker, Dermot Sreenan .

To see some pictures of the event, please click here 

Published: 03 February 2015