National Traveller MABS are a Traveller led organisation which ensures that Travellers are at the forefront of all matters and discussions relating to their lives, and in particular the area of financial inclusion.


National Traveller MABS works in partnership will all of our relevant stakeholders in ensuring that Travellers are on the agenda, in terms of seeking solutions to their experience of financial exclusion. We use both our own resources and our work closely in partnership with other organisations in addressing the needs of Travellers.

Accessible Communication

We communicate in ways that are both relevant and connect directly to the community. We are conscious of digital exclusion, as well as the needs of the Traveller Community therefore we have established a comprehensive communication strategy. In doing so we offer various and creative ways to communicate, that are both engaging and reflective of the Traveller Community’s needs and experiences. This includes YouTube, Website, social media and printed media.

Educating and Informing

We work with the relevant partners in providing information with regards to what financial exclusion is, how it affects Travellers and what is needed to solve it.


Updated: 26 Mar 2024