National Traveller MABS develops social policy recomendations and conducts the relevant research in order to do this. Please find below a list of publications and resources.

# Publication Description Published
11 Importance of Ethnic Monitoring within the CIB

The importance of Ethnic Monitoring within the CIB framework a submission by National Traveller MABS. [PDF 1060KB]

12 National Traveller MABS Position Paper on the Discontinuation of the Lough Payment Scheme for Clients

The Household Budget Scheme (HHB) is facilitated by An Post in partnership with the Department of Social Protection. The facility is used to pay local authority rents and utility companies such as Bord Gáis, Electric Ireland, Airtricity and Eircom. [PDF 955KB]

13 National Traveller MABS Pre Budget Submission 2015

Prepared in September 2014 for Budget 2015. National Traveller MABS are requesting that the Government not forget the Traveller community in the upcoming budget.  [PDF 811KB]

14 Review of the Role, Structure and Social Inclusion remit of National Traveller MABS

National Traveller MABS has two key purposes: to build capacity within the Traveller Community in Ireland to access legal and affordable saving and credit; and to work to ensure access to financial services for the Traveller community. This review was carried out in autumn 2013 by Dr. Kathy Walsh and Social Researcher Brian Harvey. [PDF 1.5MB]

15 National Traveller MABS Pre Budget Submission 2014

Prepared in September 2013 for budget 2014. National Traveller MABS works to address ongoing exclusion from mainstream banking for many marginalised groups, in particular, members of the Traveller community. [PDF 489KB]

16 Debt And Dying Executive Summary

An exploratory analysis for National Traveller MABS Executive Summary Researchers Stuart Stamp, Ciara Murray and Maura Boyle. [PDF 101MB]

17 Debt And Dying Report

Understanding and addressing the impact of funeral costs for Travellers in Ireland.. [PDF 4.29KB]

18 National Traveller MABS Pre Budget Submission 2013

Prepared in 2012 for budget 2013. It focuses on the issues of over indebtedness and exclusion from financial institutions.  [PDF 651KB]

19 National Traveller MABS Pre Budget Submission 2012

Prepared in October 2011 for budget 2012. National Traveller MABS acknowledges the impact of the current recession on state finances.  [PDF 577KB]

20 An Overview Of Housing Policy For Travellers In Ireland

Travellers in Ireland have had a long, and sometimes difficult, relationship with Irish society and government. Produced by Elizabeth Colhoun. [PDF 619KB]