During July and August 2014, Citizens Information Service recorded that the main areas of concern for clients were Supplementary Welfare Schemes (12%). 65% of clients presenting with Supplementary Welfare Schemes issues were concerned with Rent Supplement.

Most of the cases continuing to cite the lack of accommodation within the Rent Supplement limits and the reluctance of some landlords to accept Rent Supplement tenants. Many CISs noted a risk of homelessness for a significant number of clients who were using their service.

National Traveller MABS has witnessed an increasing number of Travellers presenting to MABS and Traveller organisations with concerns over private rented accommodation. The concerns vary from being unable to source a deposit, unable to find anywhere to rent or unable to find a landlord that will accept rent allowance in the current climate. National Traveller MABS plan to make a representation to the Department of Social Protection on this issue. If you are having difficulty in accessing private rented accommodation or rent supplement, National Traveller MABS would welcome hearing your story.

You can contact Trish Mc Guane at 089 2380113.  It is only by hearing these stories in a confidential manner that we can try and effect change.

Published: 30 September 2014