This newsletter is produced by National Traveller MABS to keep the Traveller community up to date on relevant financial matters. In the current economic climate it is more crucial than ever that we are aware of our rights regarding money and the supports available to us.

We hope you find the information helpful. If you have any comments or would like us to address any topics in future issues please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy Power and Nuala Ni Ghabhann Coordinators

# Publication Description Published
1 Spring 2022

Welcome to the spring edition of the National Traveller MABS newsletter.As we emerge from the pandemic we continue to be busy trying to ensure that we support people and keep them informed in relation to all the changes that are taking place. [PDF 4878KB]

2 Summer 2021

Welcome to the summer edition of the National Traveller MABS newsletter. We had hoped that by the time we got around to writing this, we would be through the pandemic, but that is not the case. [PDF 1958KB]

3 Winter 2020

Welcome to the winter edition of the National Traveller MABS newsletter. We know that the last year has been a real struggle for people and we hope that this New Year brings better news. [PDF 2331KB]

4 Winter 2019

Welcome to Issue 17 of The National Traveller MABS Newsletter, the bi-annual newsletter of National Traveller MABS. In this edition our aim is to provide useful information about services which may be of benefit to you, including online banking,the Credit Union current account. [PDF 3272KB]

5 Summer 2019

In this edition we give details on help available to people facing gambling issues, financial abuse and the services available to people who experience it. We look at life insurance and some of the benefits. There is an article on how being a member of a credit union can greatly benefit you, and help you save money. [PDF 1966KB]

6 Winter 2018

In this edition of our newsletter we take a look at Basic Bank Accounts, the changes from the recent budget in terms of social welfare recipients, and what sources of help you can seek in relation to gambling.[PDF 2456KB]

7 Summer 2018

Welcome to our summer Issue of our bi-annual newsletter of National Traveller MABS. 2018 is a very busy year for us as an organisation. As you can see from the range of articles here we are working in many areas trying to combat the financial exclusion experienced by Travellers in Ireland. [PDF 3388KB]

8 Winter 2017

This year, 2017, has seen many changes for us with two colleagues leaving the service and two new members of staff joining us. We welcome our newly appointed staff members on board Michelle Kearns and Sian Crowley, as we know there are exciting times ahead. We are delighted to be back at full strength and to welcome them both. [PDF 1793KB]

9 Spring 2017

Welcome to our first edition of 2017. In this issue we talk about 2017 changes to social welfare payments, our own seminar "Engaging Traveller Men" and Progressing the Key Worker Programme. [PDF 2338KB].

10 Summer 2016

In this issue we highlight the launch of our recent publication “An Evaluation of the National Traveller MABS Key Worker Programme” which took place in April, other articles include the importance of social media, Credit Unions and small loans, you can also read about Traveller Pride Awards 2016. [PDF 3147KB]