This Bulletin is a venture by National Traveller MABS. We publish a biannual bulletin, reporting on work to date and various policy issues which affect the Traveller Community in Ireland.

Travellers are a culturally diverse community who are often portrayed negatively in the media. One of our aims in National Traveller MABS is to highlight Traveller culture alongside the issues faced by Travellers on a day to day basis.

We hope you enjoy these issues of the Tharie Times and we look forward to receiving your opinions and comments.

Nancy Power and Nuala Ni Ghabhann Coordinators

# Publication Description Published
1 The Tharie Times Winter 2017

Welcome to Issue 23 of The Tharie Times, the bi-annual newsletter of National Traveller MABS.This year, 2017, has seen many changes for us with two colleagues leaving the service and two new members of staff joining us. We welcome our newly appointed staff members on board Michelle Kearns and Sian Crowley, as we know there are exciting times ahead. [PDF 2836KB]

2 The Tharie Times Spring 2017

Welcome to our first issue of 2017 of The Tharie Times, our bi-annual newsletter and a very happy new year to all our colleagues in MABS and the CIS. 2016 for us as an organisation brought some exciting events such as the launch of our report ‘It’s all About Education – making education work for Traveller men’, we report on the Key Worker Programme, Education House, Education Awards and may more. [PDF 2519KB]

3 The Tharie TImes Summer 2016

In this issue you can read about our plans for 2016, it brings a variety of different news and topics, we discuss the new community education initiatives, we review the popular TV programme "I Am Traveller" We highlight the launch of “An Evaluation of the National Traveller MABS Key Worker Programme” and we also bring you news on the Traveller Pride Awards 2016. [PDF 2944KB]

4 The Tharie Times Winter 2015

In this issue we talk we talk about our ‘Three Small Changes’ campaign. it also includes articles on a recent certificate presentation day in Tipperary, information on our recent review of our caravan loan guarantee schemes, and a new ‘app’ on funeral cost comparisons. [PDF 1657KB]

5 The Tharie Times Spring 2015

In this issue, we highlight the upcoming Marriage Equality Referendum and look at what it will mean for many LGBT Travellers in Ireland. Additionally, we bring you cover of our successful Youth Forum Event which was held in December 2014. [PDF 1.2MB]

6 The Tharie Times Autumn 2014

In this issue we update you on the Lough Payment Scheme, Traveller Ethnicity and Exchange House Educational Awards 2014. [PDF 1656KB]

7 The Tharie Times Spring 2014

Highlights include Travellers in the Irish Prison system, Overcoming Illegal Debt, the Traveller Pride Awards 2014 and the Credit Unions electronic payment facility. [PDF 0.79MB]

8 The Tharie TImes Autumn 2013

In this issue we highlight the need for an Ethnic Identifer in Service Provision, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, Illegal Moneylending and the recommendations in the Debt and Dying report. [PDF 1.2MB]

9 The Tharie TImes Spring 2013

In this issue you can read about "A Way of Life" Community Education Programme, Debt and Dying Report By National Traveller MABS, the Clann Credo Loan Guarantee Scheme and many more.  [PDF 1.23MB]

10 The Tharie TImes Autumn 2012

In this issue we highlight the  London Olympics 2012. We report on a successful social welfare appeals case and bring news of a new community education resource.  [PDF 998KB]