MABS, the State’s response to helping those in debt, has assisted 291,486 people with their financial difficulties since 2009.

Just under 140,000 were personally assisted in their efforts to deal with debts in excess 2.5 billion on a face to face basis at the MABS sixty offices nationwide.

The remainder were assisted by the MABS national helpline who give ongoing advice and support to people who could, with some support, handle their own situation in negotiating with creditors.

  • Almost 50% of MABS clients have a mortgage, some have an arrears difficulty while others have problems with unsecured debt
  • MABS also offers a free service to people who have little or no assets and unsecured debts of up to €20,000, to help them avail of a Debt Relief Notice and effectively write-off that debt and get a ‘fresh-start’.
  • MABS advisers support  over-indebted people, as appropriate to their need, including negotiating with creditors on their behalf, in reaching appropriate resolution to their debt difficulties.
  • The service is free, independent, non-judgemental and confidential.  We work with a very strong network of of other support agencies across the community and work with every major creditor group. MABS is a truly holistic service that aims to empower people to regain control of their situation.

MABS assists all kinds of people with all kinds of debt. A MABS spokesperson said

"A large number of people have had a problem paying their mortgage for a long time; many are too afraid to face their difficulty and some may even have lost hope."

We encourage anyone in that position to get in touch. MABS will provide advice and support on taking the next steps and dealing with your creditors, just call the MABS Helpline Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm(0761 07 2000) or log onto to find your nearest MABS office.

For further information contact :

Michael Culloty, National Social Policy and Communications Officer at 087 7978966

Published: 17 February 2015