Links - Policy

The links below are related to our work and our networks. We hope you find them useful.

National Traveller Women's Forum

The National Traveller Women's Forum (NTWF) is the national network of Traveller women and Traveller women's organisations from throughout Ireland.

Navan Travellers Workshops

Meath Travellers Workshops has a strong commitment to perserving, promoting and celebrating Traveller History and Culture.

Offaly Traveller Movement

We are a community development organisation offering services responding to health, accommodation, youth, education and human rights.

Parish Of The Travelling People

Sligo Traveller Support Group

Our aim is to establish a voice for the local Traveller community in Sligo.

Travellers Times

A magazine for Gypsies and Travellers and those who work with them, sharing information, contacts, news and views.

Women's Aid

Women's Aid is a leading national organisation that has been working in Ireland to stop domestic violence aganist women and children since 1974.