We value openness and honesty. We are friendly, fair and flexible. We encourage each other to participate fully in the delivery of appropriate Community Education, Local Area Development, Research and Information Provision services to help empower the Traveller community in Ireland to access legal and affordable savings and credit. We take pride in our ability to provide a consistently high quality service.

Fairness and Equity

We are able to work as respected individuals free from fear and prejudice. We ensure that everyone is treated with courtesy and respect. We proactively reach out to the Traveller community in terms of those who are experiencing or at risk of over-indebtedness, especially those experiencing inequality of access to financial services to provide information on how to access legal and money advice and budgeting services.


There is freedom for everyone to contribute equally and have their views respected. We encourage each other to contribute to the success of the service and to have our contribution recognised.

Communication and Involvement

We consistently communicate in a respectful manner. We use the many available communication channels to keep ourselves informed and to inform others about changes and developments which affect us. We aim to ensure client confidentiality is afforded the highest level of protection at all times.

Learning and Development

We are encouraged to realise our full potential and we are supported in continuing our personal and professional development. We are provided with opportunities to participate in training that supports our role. We are open to change and to new approaches to our work.

Health, Welfare and Support

We actively encourage a healthy balance in our pace of work. We contribute to a supportive team environment and use the available staff supports.